I want a strategy game in which the player is Starscream and the goal of the game is to overthrow Megatron

Well, I ended up thinking about my own idea too much and this happened - TFP version of Mass Effect, sorta. Of course I just had to make the KOxSS Love Achievement~

Those who have played Mass Effect would probably notice the loyalty rings under the Vehicon, Breakdown, and Knock Out. I’m thinking the Vehicon is loyal from the start. BD and KO’s loyalty mission is when BD gets kidnapped and Starscream goes to rescue him.

"Survivor" Achievement for when Starscream (the player) has screwed up and would most certainly get maimed to death by Megatron but survives in the end.

"Slapped 5 Vehicons"

"Scratched Someone’s Paint"

"Got Thrown Across The Room" 

"Plotted With Fellow Decepticon"

and so on..