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OMP the new update is beautiful!!!! Hahah Screamers a prince! Oh I can't WAIT to see how this turns out! Btw At Your Service is great too!

Thank you! I really love your messages :3

Well, since Megatron is Lord I couldn’t resist making Starscream his son who tries to overthrow him every so often :D

Out of the Water (11)

"Well, Doc, ya’ve run pretty much every test ya have the equipment for on the mermen. Ain’t it time to release them back into the ocean. They seem pretty miserable to me." 

"There is still so much to learn about them, BD. Besides, they don’t look very miserable to me." Knock Out lied shamelessly. It was true that he hasn’t even scratched the surface of the mermen specie but Breakdown was correct - the sea men looked anything but contempt with their current situation. It was painfully obvious they wanted to return to the ocean. 

"Please don’t tell me ya’re doing it out of spite. The fact ya don’t have a mate doesn’t mean ya have to rain on other’s parade. Come on, Doc, that’s just pitiful."

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Happy early easter. You both could share it. ^^ *Hops away*

Well, this is obviously not meant for me considering only I run this blog but thank you regardless :D

Happy Easter to you too!

At Your Service (1)

Starscream was an easily angered person but he has never lost his head quite as much as when he decided to summon a demon in a fit of rage.

He had time to regret his moronic decision only seconds after the summoning ritual was completed. Kneeling down on the carpet in his apartment, surrounded by the candles he used for the ritual, he waited for the thick smoke to disperse.

He has expected a grotesque and horrifying creature at his command. A merciless killing machine that would once and for all destroy Megatron. What he got instead was the exact opposite of revolting. 

The smoke slowly disappeared and revealed quite the eye candy. The demon standing tall in front of him didn’t fit his perception of demons. The creature looked like a completely normal human. A very attractive human. Definitely dressed for the wrong age though.

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I’ll edit and post the story tomorrow because it’s too late now and I have work tomorrow

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This sounds awesome omg

Ah shit too many fics to write

what did I get myself into

AU KOxSS past-midnight time: Human Starscream trying to summon some sort of demon to help him kill Megatron and instead accidentally summons Knock Out the sex demon



Knock Out was woken up in the middle of the night by a loud crying coming from Starblast. The medic raised from the berth as steadily as he could and stumbled to the seekerlet’s cradle, peeking inside.

Seeing his sire’s face, Starblast ceased crying for a split second before continuing to do so even louder.

Venting a sigh, Knock Out picked his offspring up and cuddled him against his chest. At first Starblast calmed down a little. But when Knock Out’s servo came in contact with the seekerlet’s back and tried to rub between the wings to comfort him, Starblast let out an earsplitting shriek and began crying even more than before. His tiny fists slammed against Knock Out’s chest plates and his pedes kicked the air.

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Mmm KOxSS, Its table breakin' good!

KOxSS: The Destroyers Of Furniture

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Pfffft! Looks like KO is stirring the water agin, though not without him getting a little peek at them making up~ Nice update!! Love the little battles between the two redheads!

Thank you!~ 

I’m glad you like the ‘battles’ between the two KOs. It sure is amusing to write them :D

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Hahah! It certainly seems that the mermen are keeping themselves busy while in captivity~ And it's wonderful how Doc Knock tends to come in at all of the right times! Love the new update!

Thank you!~ 

Well, it’s not like the mermen have anything else to do while in captivity anyway :D

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"What happened to the table?" Breakdown asked with a mild interest.

"It broke." Knock Out answered without lifting a helm from his project.

"Ah can see that. Ah meant how did it break?"

"Don’t know. It was like that when I came in this morning." Knock Out tried his best to sound nonchalant and shrugged his shoulders.

Breakdown didn’t buy it.

"Ya have silver paint on yar aft, Doc."

When Knock Out whipped his helm around to try and take a look at his behind, Breakdown erupted in laughter. The medic’s aft was more than well-buffed but it didn’t matter. 

"Ah sure hope Commander Starscream can come up with better lies than ya, Doc."