thinking about my otp like


I should’ve added this to my blushformers collection right after I made this gif set


Imagine your OTP/3 using sexual favours to bribe each other to do the chores.

The KOxSS household

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I saw this on my dash and I couldn’t help myself. I had to smash out a quickie….also maybe it’s been too long since I wrote something for applepie3399

Starscream/Knock Out

nsfw (sticky, dirty talk, dom/sub a bit too)

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Imagine Person A of your OTP attempting to woo Person B by giving them a type of candy that either matches or sounds similar to Person A’s name. If there is no type of candy that does that, imagine Person B giving them candy and telling Person A that “it’s sweet like you.”

Knock Out would so give Starscream ice-cream

I have returned from my one week holiday at the seaside

damn, your hips, KO

I’m off to bed now

If I get more asks for the meme I’ll most likely answer them tomorrow

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starscream, megatron unicron

There’s just no right choice here

Fuck Megatron (somehow)

Marry Starscream

Get drunk with Unicron

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smellslikebiskits sent:
Starscream, Knockout, Soundwave

Fuck Starscream

Marry Knock Out 

Get drunk with Soundwave (it’d be interesting to see him drunk)

newcrystalcitysteel sent:
Knock Out, Optimus, Predaking??????

Fuck Optimus

Marry Knock Out

Get Drunk with Predaking

Anonymous sent:
starscream ,knockout and megatron

Something was different. Megatron could sense it, see it. No matter what others thought, he did keep a close optic on his army, especially on his officers.

That being said, the mechs who caught Megatron’s attention were Starscream and Knock Out. That backstabbing duo. They were acting differently. Not by much but enough for Megatron to notice. 

The subtle and small changes - the way they stood just a bit closer to each other during briefings, the ‘secret’ glances they shared more and more often, the increasing time they spent in each other’s company, Starscream’s more frequent visits to the Med. Bay (not counting the time he went there to be fixed).

Given Starscream’s and (apparently) Knock Out’s backstabbing nature, it has crossed Megatron’s mind that perhaps the two were coming up with another treachery plan. But he has quickly dismissed the idea. Something just didn’t add up.

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There’s a 9 to 1 ratio in favour of the Cons :D

Which side do you choose?