It’s always seeker heat but what about grounders heat?
I want a fic where KO’s in heat and Starscream is a huge tease until KO just can’t take it anymore and jumps him.


Insert Knock Out talking fondly to Starscream’s tummy because he’d be that kind of sire


Optimus 6. My kink choice


-> Wearing a lolita dress

Angry magical girl Starscream

ribbon brushes source - here


Breakdown sleeping prompt

Knock Out likes to brag about himself so much that sometimes he doesn’t realize he’s talking to a sleeping Breakdown.

Again, apologies to all who didn’t get their prompts drawn

Anonymous sent:
Knockout and number 6? : D

-> My kink choice

Actually I already drew and wrote a couple of those (all different kinks)

(art) Bondage & Collar

(art) Stockings

(art) Sensitive neck seatbelts (does this count?)

(fic) KO getting off on being scratched

(fic) Buffing gone right / getting turned on by buffing

(fics) The Halloween prompts - Roleplay & costumes

-> Genderbent Starscream

I was gonna re-draw this prompt but then I realized I’m just bad at genderbending robots

Starscream nominates Megatron for the Ice Acid Bucket Challenge

Megatron nominates Starscream for the Med. Bay visit

What am I doing..

maniacaltoaster sent:
If Armada Starscream was with Alexis after Armada, what do you think that'd be like? I mean, would he have to fly her when she wants to go to places? And maybe she'd instal a radio in his cockpit. XD

Eh, probably? I’m not a big fan of Armada or of the Alexis/Starscream relationship so I haven’t really spent time thinking about it.

Anonymous sent:
HEY, I really want to get into transformers, and this newish looking series you've been reblogging looks super cool! The animation looks gorgeous. Could you tell me what the title is and like, other suggestions about where I should start with getting into the whole transformers thing??? Thaaaanks

I’ve been mostly posting about the series. I rarely reblog anymore. And the series’ name is Transformers Prime. You should definitely check it out. The animation truly is gorgeous! 

I’d recommend you start from it. I got into the TF through the Bay movies.. Weeell, they sparked my interest so I checked other series for Transformers and discovered TFP and that got me into TF really. But the Bay movies were really the start. I wouldn’t recommend them as a starting point though. 

TFP is the best to start with in my opinion. G1 is the original deal but the animation would’ve turned me off if I watched it first. TFP keeps some of the G1 characters’ main traits and makes a lot of references to other TF series. The plot is a little wonky from time to time but the animation, the characters, and the interaction between them make up for it mostly.

Then G1. Personally, I managed to watch the first several episodes and then watched the movie. 

Then, I’d recommend you watch TF Animated. It’s a very different and refreshing perspective on the TF universe. Once you’ve got the general idea about the heirarchy of the main TF characters, TFA would be really interesting to watch.

Once you’re well sucked into the TF fandom, check out Rescue Bots. It’s a super cute show set in the same continuity as TFP and is aimed for little kids. And the characters are such cuties! 

Hope that helped! I haven’t seen all the series about TF yet but I still think TFP is the best starting point for new fans.

Anonymous sent:
Awww yissss! The story continues! Lovely job dear! You don't know the excitement I had when I saw the update!

Aww, I’m so happy to hear this!~ :3

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At Your Service (12)

Starscream woke up the next morning in his bed, the sheets cool against his skin. All of his skin actually…

With a startle, he sat up, opening his eyes fast enough to hurt a bit. Looking around, he quickly found what he expected but still dreaded - the red-haired demon sleeping peacefully beside him. Even in his sleep, the damn creature looked smug at his conquest the previous night.

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