The Legend Exists | Optimus Prime

Can anyone link me to that recording post that had Optimus speak Cybertronian?


Optimus Prime was one bad-ass pissed off mofo, in AoE


You inspired me with your post

so I made a thing for you

I’m sorry.



(262): He dislocated his shoulder trying to finger me last night if that tells you anything

Now all I can imagine is those two vehicons going to Knock Out early in the morning to fix the dislocated shoulder and KO is all

what am I doing I should be sleeping at 1 a.m

KO’s first failure make up 

Starscream walks in on KO putting on his opticliner

and then they have a make up session

and a make out session later

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I bet Knock Out has won at least a couple of the Cybertronians’ equivalent of beauty contests 



look at him

It’s the eyes

Its taken me seeing this picture with this prompt to realize that they gave Knockout the fucking robot equivalent to winged eyeliner even a fucking robot has better makeup skills than I do

everyone looks better with eyeliner

so naturally he has it

aww only 1 smooching ask


Imagine your favorite robot using their car or truck horn to censor their swearing.

redmiel replied to your post:SS or KO
That’s what I thought~

it’s not hard to guess hahah

redmiel sent:
SS or KO

Ah, a tough choice

but I’ll go with Knock Out


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